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Beer Drink: Snake Bite

Posted in: Drinks, St. Patrick's Day, Winter,


On St. Patrick's Day, nothing is more traditional than a tall, cool pint of Guinness with a side of corn beef and cabbage. Chad Lothian, of "If My Coasters Could Talk" a beer enthusiast blog about some of the best beers and beer recipes, suggests mixing things up this year. And not with just your run-of-the-mill lager or stout; with a concoction with a drink who's name is beyond tantalizing it boarders on scary; the Snake Bite.

Doubling as both a healthy helping of alcohol AND as a bar trick (if you can master the black-and-tan spoon), the Snake Bite is a drink best not left to the faint of heart. With it's layer of dark, swirling stout at the top and a dry, light cider at the bottom, this drink is visually as stimulating as it is tasty.

For first timers to this drink, Lothian offers a suggestion, "Not using a dry cider will give you more of a cloudy drink than a truly separated drink."

Either way, this drink is sure to help you celebrate properly this St. Patrick's Day.


Beer Drink: Snake Bite

1 Pint glass
1 12 oz bottle Stout Beer
1 12 oz bottle Dry Cider


1. Fill one half of a glass with dry, hard cider.
2. Using a black and tan spoon, or household kitchen spoon, carefully pour the stout over the upside down spoon.

Recipe courtesy of Chad Lothian of "If My Coasters Could Talk", 2013.

About The Cook

Chad LothianChad Lothian lives in Old Town, Maine. He is a Craft Beer Enthusiast and Homebrewer. Chad has traveled to brewpubs, breweries and brewfests all over New England.

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