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Aronia Power Berry Beer Cocktail

Posted in: Drinks, Beer, Cocktails, Harvest, Super Bowl, Tailgating, Christmas, New Years, Fall, Winter,


Specialty beers are enjoying a bountiful harvest this season, and fruit flavoring in beer is very popular, no matter what the season. We all know that fruit is equated with wine, but fruit has also been added to beer for centuries, for its flavor, color and health benefits. Since ‘tis the season to overindulge, Mystery Chef is always on the lookout for ways to keep us healthy and happy with beverages as well as food.

Enter one of the newest and latest superfruits -aronia berries, also known as power berries.  Native to North America, the deep blue/purple color ensures that aronia berries have one of the highest antioxidant levels of all fruits.  Antioxidants are well known for lowering the risk of a number of cancers.

So relax, celebrate the season, and share this unique beer cocktail with your family and friends.  Nothing could be simpler than adding some concentrated aronia juice to your favorite beer (Mystery Chef recommends Carlsberg) Let’s drink to your health!



Aronia Power Berry Beer Cocktail


½ cup concentrated Aronia berry juice, or to taste
1 bottle of beer of choice (Carlsberg or other pale lager is a good choice)




1.    Pour berry juice into serving glass.
2.    Add beer slowly.

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