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Cakes Recipe Videos

  • Homemade Sweet Dough

    This rich sweet dough forms the basis for several sweetroll and coffeecake recipes. It is especially good with cinnamon rolls.

  • Pumpkin Pudding

    The base for a good pumpkin pudding is a good pumpkin bread recipe and then adding maple syrup and cream before baking again.

  • Tiramisu

    Tiramisu is considered by some to be the ultimate Italian dessert, or any dessert. You can make it yourself after watching this video.

  • Semolina Pudding

    Using fresh vanilla beans and lemon juice, this traditional Italian dessert makes an elegant dessert when served still warm with a fruit compote.

  • Bride Groom Strawberries

    If you want to learn this technique for candy making or cake decorating then this is a very useful video.

  • Luscious Lemon Squares

    As the name of the recipe suggests, these are as tasty as you will find lemon squares anywhere.

  • Pastiera Napoletana

    Making this authentic version of the Italian pastry Pastiera Napoletana takes a while but is well worth the time.

  • Red Berry Galettes

    This red berry galette, French term for rustic tart, uses a combination of strawberries and raspberries for the filling.

  • Wine Pairings - Desserts

    The key to pairing wines with dessert, especially in the summer, is to keep it simple, and “let the wine shine.”

  • Banana Caramel Sauce

    This caramel sauce recipe uses ripe bananas to infuse flavor into the caramel.

  • White Chocolate Bows

    If you decorate your own cakes these white chocolate bows will add an attractive dimension to your next gift cake.

  • Making A Buttercream Rose

    Making a buttercream rose is one of the basic lessons in learning the basic art and craft of cake decorating.

  • Gluten Free Blueberry Gingerbread

    Madeleine's recipe for Gluten Free Blueberry Gingerbread Cake originated from the Settlement Cookbook, published in 1903, and features native wild Maine blueberries and gluten free flour.

  • Cake Decorating Tips

    Cake decorating is very popular and this video shows the most essential tips for your piping tool.

  • Summer Berry Shortcake

    If you are like Executive Chef Tom Bivins of New England Culinary Institute you make different types of shortcake.

  • Berry Good Shortcake

    The shortcakes are so easy to mix and bake yourself that you may even forget about the store bought version.

  • Chocolate Almond Cake

    This cake from Mastering The Art of French Cooking is called Reine de Saba, “Queen of Sheba,” and was recomended personaly by Julia Child

  • Ricotta and Pear Cake

    Ricetta Della Torta Ricotta e Pere is the Italian name for this Ricotta and pear cake.

  • Cupcake Cake

    Baking and decorating cupcakes are so popular that many people make a cupcake style cake. Great for first birthday.

  • Hood $10,000 Pumpkin Cake

    Hood milk held a contest using dairy desserts and this is the grand prize winner. Pumpkin cakes with caramel sauce and topped with a sour cream mixtur

  • Chocolate Cake In A Mug

    Warm chocolate cake in minutes, using only common baking ingredients, a mug, a spoon, and a microwave?

  • Beet Carrot Cake

    Adults and kids alike will enjoy this cake. Don't worry, telling everyone they are eating vegetables is optional.

  • Snowman Cupcakes

    Cake decorating takes many forms and varieties as shown in these clever snowmen made out of buttercream frosting.

  • Ice Cream Cookie Cake

    You only need to use your favorite ice cream and cookies to make this cake. Store in freezer until ready to eat.

  • Tiffany Gift Box Cake

    The appearance of this chocolate and cream filled cake says it all - Tiffanys.

  • Pumpkin Cakes

    This recipe tops a pumpkin cupcake with maple cream cheese filling and a carmalized sauce with diced apples.

  • Frosting a Cake

    The techniques shown here on how to frost a cake are very easy to follow but Kelly recommends that you have the right equipment on hand.

  • Cake Types

    With egg foam's fluffy and spongy texture, cream cake's savory splendor and yeast cake's perfect balance, choosing a favorite is never easy.

  • Lemon Buttercream Frosting

    This Lemon Buttercream Frosting is an elegant blend of sweetness with a hint of lemon. Add it to your next vanilla cake or glaze the tops of your next batch of homemade sugar cookies.

  • Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

    Set aside your guilt and enjoy Heather Atwoods recipe for Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake. This is indeed THE chocolate cake that one could call a healthfood!

  • Angel Food Cake

    Perfect for a romantic Valentine's dinner or to enjoy with the fresh fruits and berries of the summer, the Angel Food Cake unlocks a world of desserts and sweet treats for you to enjoy.

  • Chiffon Cake

    Chiffon cake tastes as elegant as it sounds. Set aside the boxed cakes this holiday season and really dress up the dessert table with an elegant Chiffon cake.

  • Genoise Cake

    Although a cake as elegant as this may seem difficult to bake, Mr. Cake takes the time to break down each step for this Genoise Cake.

  • Pumpkin Pancakes

    Jen Perry always shares fun and health conscious ways to prepare traditional meals. This recipe for Pumpkin Pancakes is a festive way to enjoy, pumpkin, the fall classic ingredient.

  • Zucchini Brownies

    No child will be able to resist this delicious dessert, provided you don't blow the whistle on the hidden ingredient, zucchini.

  • Macerated Berries

    Macerated berries go well on ice cream, cake and anythin g that you would like a sweet sauce with.

  • Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

    You can use whatever ice cream you have or want to in this easy and fast recipe, but here it is made with strawberry.

  • Fig Coconut Bread

    An original recipe of combining coconut, coconut milk and figs to make a delicious bread for diner, breakfast or a snack.

  • Gluten Free Blueberry Cake

    Create a tender and sweet Gluten Free Blueberry Cake that is both easy to make and sure to please those with gluten intolerance and without. Learn how to prepare this recipe in this how to video tutorial.

  • Chocolate Reindeer Pops

    These chocolate caribou cuties, Rudolph and his pop pals, are made from our favorite combination of dessert favorites: chocolate, pretzels, M&Ms and nuts.

  • A Guinness Cake

    A St. Patrick's Day Cake hat celebrates the Guinness beer tradition of Ireland. Learn three cake decorating techniques.