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Italian Recipe Videos

  • Pollo Saltimbocca

    Chicken breasts, prosciutto di parma, mushrooms and Marsala wine as a sauce are the main ingredients.

  • Vitello Soffrito Ravioli

    This may seem a little rich because of the veal and lobster but it tastes delicious.

  • Homemade Semolina Bread

    This crusty bread is made with a combination of semolina and unbleached all-purpose flour to yield a chewy but not too dense loaf.

  • Pasta alla Carrettiera

    Pasta Carrettiera uses fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic as the base for the sauce, which is not coked.

  • Regaleali 2006 Nero D'Av

    This Sicilian wine uses the Calabrese grape and is best served with eggplant, pasta or pizza.

  • Lacryma Christi Del Vesuv

    This historic Italian wine is from the Campania region and serves best with heavier foods.

  • Chicken Braciole

    Chicken Braciole is filled with prosciutto, Romano and Mozarella cheese and then covered with a mushroom and white wine sauce.

  • Caprese Antipasto

    Caprese is a simple tomato, mozarella cheese and basil salad from the Isle of Capri in Campania , Italy.

  • Zuppa Di Vongole

    This is a favorite Italian seafood soup that uses fresh vongole, Italian for clams, and cannelloni beans.

  • Home Made Ciabatta

    This delicious version of home made Italian ciabatta bread requires no kneading and rolling. Bake shortly before eating.

  • Mudica Bread Crumbs

    Mudica Conzata, or Italian seasoned breadcrumbs, are a staple in many Siciian American kitchens.

  • Chicken Spiedini

    There is no firm answer to what a speidini is but they are usually fried in the Italian Seasoned Bread Crumbs. In this case they are chicken.

  • Old Style Italian Sausage

    Trupiano's sausage is made the old fashioned Italian way, with fresh pork butt grinded together with fennel and other spices.

  • Ravioli di Mamma Egi

    These raviolis are filled with sheep's milk Ricotta, spinach, Parmigiano and nutmeg filling and then sauteed in a butter sage and Parmigiano sauce.

  • Salmon Gremolata

    How to grill salmon? Grill the flesh side before the skin side of the fillet so that the skin will hold the fillet together.

  • Pasta with Fried Zucchini

    The Sicilians know how to prepare and eat extra large zucchinis. Fry the zucchini slices and serve over pasta.

  • Italian Anise Cookies

    These Italian Anise cookies have a mild anise flavoring, which is typical for many Italian desserts. Serve at Christmas, weddings or other special occ

  • Cheesy Meatballs

    From her 5 ingredient cookbook Mary Ann Esposito makes these cheesey meatballs, known in Italian as Polpettoni al Formaggio.

  • Poached Pears with Wine

    Another delicious and simple desserts from Mary Ann Esposito's 5 ingredients cookbook. Garnish with peppercorns.

  • Lentil and Sausage Soup

    The secret according to Mary Ann Esposito is to keep this soup simple and use good sausage with fennel seasoning in it.

  • Homemade Pasta

    This version of homemade pasta uses the Kitchen Aid pasta attachment to rol it out, saving a lot of time and work.

  • Tiramisu

    Tiramisu is considered by some to be the ultimate Italian dessert, or any dessert. You can make it yourself after watching this video.

  • Lombardian Chestnut Stew

    See how to make this traditional Italian beef stew with chestnuts, called Toccio Con le Castagne.

  • Semolina Pudding

    Using fresh vanilla beans and lemon juice, this traditional Italian dessert makes an elegant dessert when served still warm with a fruit compote.

  • Piadina (Flat Bread)

    Piadina is an Italian flat bread made with flour and yeast and then grilled on a heavy cast iron pan.

  • Fried Whiting (Merluzzi)

    Merluzzi fritti, known as fried whiting, is a traditional Italian dish that is popular in seacoast towns.

  • St. Josephs Day Pasta

    Cauliflower, fava beans, and the ferns on top of the anise bulbs are the main ingredients to this traditional Italian dish for Saint Joseph's Day.

  • Quick Polenta

    The quick version of this famous Italian side dish of corn meal still takes about 15 or 20 minutes of stirring.

  • Quick Easy Marinara Sauce

    Marinara sauce is a traditional Italian vegetable sauce meaning "sailor style". It is quick, easy and healthy.

  • Italian Wedding Cookies

    These Italian Wedding Cookies are very similar to the Russian Tea Cake and the Snowball Cookies but use butter and almonds instead of the Crisco and p

  • Pastiera Napoletana

    Making this authentic version of the Italian pastry Pastiera Napoletana takes a while but is well worth the time.

  • The Classic Cannoli

    Pastry Chef Fortunato Conte will show you how to make Cannolo Siciliano from scratch.

  • Torta di Frutta

    It is very traditional in Italy to serve fresh fruit for dessert, and the Torta di Frutta is one way to serve that and a pastry as well.

  • Marinara Sauce

    Marinara sauce is a popular, robust Italian sauce made with tomatoes, onions, and herbs.

  • Pasta with Gorgonzola

    Gorgonzola is popular in risotto and on polenta but perhaps nothing is as popular as making this cream sauce and serving over pasta.

  • Pumpkin Cannoli

    It is possible to buy cannoli shells already made, which of course is a lot easier for the home cook. This traditional recipe uses both ricotta and ma

  • Caprese Stuffed Meatballs

    Prepare these meatballs by stufing with cheese and prosciutto and watch the surprise when your guests bite into them.

  • Italian Wedding Soup

    This is one of the most popular Italian American soups, chicken soup made with spinach and small meatballs.

  • Italian Meatballs

    These Italain American meatballs can be used as regular, large size meatballs or a smaller version can be used in Italian Wedding Soup.

  • Arancini

    This arancini is made the traditional Sicilian method but uses saffron infused rice with Bolognese sauce, peas and a piece of Fontina cheese.

  • Arugula Pesto

    Pesto means crushed, with garlic and oil, and this version uses a favorite garden green instead of the normal basil.

  • Baccala Italian Style Codfish

    Baccala, or salted codfish, is a favorite dish of the Italians and Portuguese. This is one of the many ways to bake cod.

  • Baked Haddock Puttanesca

    Puttanesca is a famous Italian sauce most often used on pasta. Here it is a topping for haddock.

  • Pesto di Parma Prosciutto

    To make this tasty appetizer combine prosciutto, parmesan, sage leaves, olive oil and pine nuts in a food processor.

  • Ravioli di Zucca (Squash Ravioli)

    Zucca is the Italian word for squash. Stuffed squash raviolis and a brown sugar sauce makes it perfect.

  • Mudica Steak

    Mudica Steak is one of the many dishes American Sicilians use their Mudica Conzata breadcrumbs for.

  • Italian Wine - Rosso di Montalcino

    This fine Italian wine, Rosso di Montalcino, is produced in the Castello Banfi vineyard located in Montalcino, Tuscany.

  • Saint Lucia Day Pudding

    Saint Lucia Day, a Sicilian holiday, is December 13 and a pudding is traditionally eaten. It is made with wheat berries, milk, sugar and cornstarch.

  • Homemade Rotolone

    Rotolone is a classic handmade pasta dish from the Reggio Emilia area of Italy.

  • Stuffed Cappellacci

    Traditionally, cappellacci is stuffed with the Zucca squash, which is a cross between a sweet potato and a squash. Chef Faro has adapted this traditional recipe with the more common butternut squash.

  • Tuscan Steak

    While true Italian beef might be out of reach, this black angus ribeye is the closest they come and certainly lives up to the reputation of this rustic dish.

  • Pignolata (Pinulata)

    These Italian holiday treats are little bites of fried dough slathered in a honey/Kayo syrup mixture and topped with bits of chocolate, toasted nuts and fresh cinnamon.

  • Chicken Piccata

    This is the most popular video probably because it is easy, quick and provides a delicious way to cook chicken.

  • Sciue Sciue Pasta

    This quick and easy pasta dish with shrimp, tomatoes, garlic and wine allows you to improvise as much as you want to.

  • Chicken Saltimbocca

    Try this variation on the traditional saltimbocca made with veal. It tastes great and uses more economical chicken breast.

  • Ricotta and Pear Cake

    Ricetta Della Torta Ricotta e Pere is the Italian name for this Ricotta and pear cake.

  • Pizza Gaina

    This stuffed pizza recipe is a traditional Easter favorite for many Italian American families. Pizza Giana is also referred to as Pizza Piena, Pizza Rustica and Pizza Chiena.

  • Spicy Italian Meatballs

    These Spicy Italian Meatballs from Harry and Izzy's and St. Elmo Steakhouse, or as Chef Dave Foegely calls them, "meatballs of fire," are perfect atop a mountain of pasta, alongside a crunchy toasted baguette.

  • Zucchini and Basil Soup with Garlic

    Basil, chicken both and fresh lemon juice combine to make the unmatched flavor in this video recipe for Zucchini and Basil Soup with Garlic.

  • Genoise Cake

    Although a cake as elegant as this may seem difficult to bake, Mr. Cake takes the time to break down each step for this Genoise Cake.

  • Four Cheese Scalloped Potatoes

    A side dish that also serves as the ultimate comfort food, this video recipe for Four Cheese Scalloped Potatoes is best served to a hungry crowd.

  • Bolognese Sauce

    Bolognese sauce, which is made with meat, is a staple in nearly every Italian American kitchen.

  • Fig & Prosciutto Pizza

    Although the ingredients may feel out of the box, chef Joe Faro's fig and prosciutto pizza serves up a flavor combination that won't disappoint.

  • Traditional Octopus Salad

    This traditional octopus salad recipe originates from Italy and is still made for special occasions such as Christmas Eve dinner.

  • Kale Pesto

    In recent years, leafy green kale has blossomed into a staple ingredient in kitchens across the nation. This recipe for Kale Pesto reinvents the traditional basil pesto with only a few basic ingredients.

  • Sicilian Mussels

    Jose Duarte makes this Sicilian version of mussels using shallots soaked in Balsamic and his own homemade pancetta.

  • Italian Wine - Dolcetto d'Alba

    Dolcetto is a black grape variety widely grown in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy and the wines produced are nearly always dry.

  • Sicilian Manhattan

    Mixologist, Zach Wilks uses his own creative license by giving the classic American drink, the Manhattan, a twist. Learn how to make the Sicilian Manhattan in this how to video recipe.

  • Rustic Italian Chicken Roulade with Parmesan

    A dish that is described as “Rustic Italian Chicken Roulade with Shredded Parmesan, Capers and Tomato Petals” could seem intimidating. However, it is anything but. This dish courtesy of Mary Poehnelt, a cook at Ming Tsai’s Blue Ginger restaurant as well as a finalist on FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey, is anything but complicated.

  • Italian Rustic Chicken Roulade with Tomato Petals

    A dish that is described as “Rustic Italian Chicken Roulade with Shredded Parmesan, Capers and Tomato Petals” could seem intimidating. This dish courtesy of Mary Poehnelt, a cook at Ming Tsai’s Blue Ginger restaurant as well as a finalist on FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey, is anything but complicated.

  • Shrimp Amalfi Style

    Reflecting the majesty of the Amalfi coast of Italy, this shrimp sauté from Mary Ann Esposito called Gamberoni all’Amalfitana embodies the spirit of the simplicity and elegance of fresh seafood.

  • Winter Sausage Giambotta

    A giambotta is an Italian stew, particularly hearty for the winter months. This recipe shows you how to make a sausage giambotta with orecchiette pasta.