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Beef Recipes

Browse our beef recipes for a dish using steak, ground beef, brisket and other types of beef as the main ingredient. Add some sizzle to your prime cuts.

    Steak and Zucchini en Brochette

    This quick supper dish with zucchini, cherry tomatoes and boneless beef sirloin can be prepared outdoors on the grill or broiled indoors.

    Rye Burgers with Sauerkraut

    Looking for an interesting alternative to the common hamburger? Try mixing the ground beef with rye flakes and apple juice, which acts as a sweetener.

    Saucy Mini-Meatloaves

    These quick cooking mini-meatloafs are baked small so they can be finished in less than twenty minutes.

    Cheese Stuffed Hamburgers

    You can use any cheese you like such as feta, goat cheese, Gouda, Fontina or even a smoked cheese for some extra flavor.

    Beef Crostini with Pepper

    Put the goat cheese mixture on a piece of toasted Italian or French bread, add a piece of roast beef, and top with pepper jelly to make this event-worthy beef crostini recipe.

    Mushroom Meat Loaf With Glazed Shallot Sauce

    Recreate a traditional meat dish using savory spices and mushroom with this Mushroom Meat loaf With Glazed Shallot Sauce recipe. This meatloaf recipe could also be made with ground lamb, veal or turkey.

    Vegetable-Topped Flank Steak

    For a succulent Asian style meat dish, enjoy this Vegetable-Topped Flank Steak recipe.

    Stir-Fried Beef With Celery

    For an exotic Asian stir-fry beef recipe, enjoy this Stir-Fried Beef With Celery. If beef tenderloin is beyond your budget, this dish can also be made with flank or skirt steak, cut against the grain and shredded.

    Roast Tenderloin of Beef with Shiitake Mushroom Sauce

    Serve this elegant recipe for Roast Tenderloin of Beef with Shiitake Mushroom Sauce for holidays or special occasions.

    Slow Beef Curry

    Enjoy the flavor of hot chilies, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and coconut in this Graham Kerr recipe for Slow Beef Curry.

    Hearty Vegetable Stew with Beef

    Carrots, mushrooms, onions, peas and potatoes flavor this delicious Graham Kerr recipe for Hearty Vegetable Stew with Beef.

    Easy Lasagna Casserole

    This healthy mock lasagna recipe from JoAnna Lund will have your family digging in for seconds.

    Truck Stop Biscuit and Gravy

    If you love biscuits and gravy, this JoAnna Lund low-fat recipe for Truck Stop Biscuit and Gravy is sure to please you.

    Beef Ribs With Mango

    Onion, garlic, mango, carrot and green onions combine to marry flavors in this recipe for Beef Ribs With Mango.

    Sirloin with Habanera Sauce

    George Hirsch wisely suggests that you use gloves while cutting the peppers when you enjoy this recipe for Sirloin with Habanera Sauce.

    Beer Marinated Sirloin

    Marinating foods before cooking is a great way to add flavor and to tenderize, as George Hirsch proves in this recipe for Beer Marinated Sirloin.

    Minimax Beef Burgers

    This Graham Kerr recipe for Minimax Beef Burgers showcases low-fat burgers with a touch of spicy English mustard on the top. Minimax burgers can be cooked in a skillet or stove top grill.

    Braised Beef and Olives

    Nick Stellino adds depth to his simple beef stew recipe for Braised Beef with Olives by adding bacon, olives, and orange zest.

    Pot Roast In A Crockpot

    Tender and mouthwatering beef dishes like this Julie Geary recipe for Pot Roast In A Crockpot can be made for far less than many other cuts of beef if you know how to prepare it and can be one of the better tasting and easier winter meals you can make.

    Potato Gnocchi by Keith Pooler

    Keith Pooler of Bergamot Restaurant in Somerville, MA prepares this gnocchi as either a stand-alone gnocchi dish to be served with your favorite sauce or as part of his more elaborate recipe for Oxtail with Ragout.